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Maris Farms 2013 Harvest of Terror

We’re bringing back the Haunted Woods!

It’s back! A longer and scarier Haunted Woods, coupled with the Monster Safari returns this season for the 2013 Maris Farms Harvest of Terror, presented by 106.1 KISS FM. The Monster Safari is a high-octane, mega-intense survival shooting experience against an army of zombies, while our Haunted Woods combines a creepy quest through the corn with around-the-corner, emotional roller coaster thrills through the forest. The tandem of terror begins its frightful season Oct. 5th and continues each Friday & Saturday night (see Schedule & Pricing Page for full schedule) throughout the month, in addition to extra dates in the countdown to Halloween.  These are two high-startle, high action haunted attractions and are not recommended for children under 10 or people with heart conditions.

Monster Safari

Monster Safari (Survival Shooting) returns with a twist: the zombies have taken residence!
Last year’s attraction was a continuous “shootfest” over the 1/2-mile trek through the woods in a converted school bus. This season, while the “shootfest” continues, safari goers will have to battle walking dead “encampments” to survive this horror-filled ordeal. You’ll control one of the 40 customized paintball guns to shoot your way back to civilization, lest you join the walking dead that lurks the trails and resides in the woods. This is survival shooting to the absolute max with an army of Zombies to keep you entertained and on your toes. Watch out, these buses and their guns have been known to breakdown at the absolute worst times! Approximately 15 minutes long.  The zombies are shy and have hidden in a remote forest on the farm.  Getting to them involves a 10 minute scenic walk from the ticket booth.

The Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods (Creeps in the Corn, Freaks in the Forest)
This adventure through Pierce County’s longest and scariest haunt attraction begins with your wait inside an old cattle barn before you embark on the terrifying trail in the corn. The trail meanders through 12-foot tall cornstalks and past creepy creatures and through some very sadistic sets. This terrifying trek through the cornfield is filled with walk thru sets, several animatronic characters and more than 25 actors in full makeup and custom costumes.

After nearly a ½ mile of twists, turns and terror in the corn, you’ll enter a dark forest.  Trees with moving limbs will reach to hug you, and beware the barrel-throwing maniac and the other 20+ freaks that lurk the woods. A psycho, drill-happy dentist and a scary, ground-crawling little girl (who climbs out of an old well) await your company. The trail returns to the cornfield for a climactic last ½ mile of terror! Whatever you do, do not anger the chainsaw-dueling grandparents near the end – they are not happy you’ve invaded their farm! What evil lurks around the next turn? Is someone or something watching you? Can you feel their bloodshot eyes follow your every move as you travel the trail? This is truly not for the faint of heart! Approximately 30-35 minutes long.
Special Note:  Due to an intense fright factor, the Harvest of Terror attractions are NOT recommended to children 10 & under or people with heart conditions.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

And during the day…
The Monster Safari turns into a daytime attraction called “Paintball Safari” for those that still like the idea of shooting at things, but not necessarily the scare aspect. You’ll ride through the same ½ mile trail and attempt to destroy as many targets as possible…and occasionally, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot at live targets as well (weekends only).